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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Silicone Bakeware Basics - Tips on How to Use Silicone Bakeware

While many home chefs have embraced this newest line of bakeware products, some of us have been slightly reluctant to depart from our traditional metal and glass baking pans that have stood the test of time, long enough to even 'test drive' a silicone pan.

Their cheerfully bright colors do attract our attention, but it's their general flimsiness that raises a few skeptic baker's eyebrows. However, manufacturers have been very quick to allay our visions of folding pans and overflowing batter, by designing optional or companion racks or 'sleds' that provide the much-needed stability especially for the larger pans.

If you haven't yet ventured out to try one of these, you may be pleasantly surprised, I certainly was. I started out slowly at first, with spatulas which were very economical - no big risk, and these quickly captured this baker's heart and were rewarded with a spot in the handy main tool holder.

Since the spatulas passed the test, it was on to bigger silicone baking tools - a general purpose loaf pan. To grease or not to grease the bakeware was the question, and I opted for 'not' trusting the silicone would work its releasing magic.

Results were terrific - quick even baking and cooling. But what was most impressive was the easy loaf removal. A slight twist or should I say movement of the pan, and sides just pulled away, revealing an evenly baked delicious banana loaf that gently rolled out onto the cutting board.

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