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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Food safety test of silicon bakeware

When we choose bakeware of "good quality", especially as users on the home front, we know very well that this conception often means "approved brand" and/or "a smart design".

However, when the heading mentions food safety of silicon bakeware, we refer to bakeware, which:

1) Is manufactured in accordance with good manu-facturing practise
2) Does not transfer its constituents to foodstuff in quantities which could endanger human life and change the quality, taste or colour of the foodstuff
3) Is offering highest hygiene of foodstuffs

These qualities cannot be determined by feelings but can be measured and compared with international accepted standards and guidelines.

Based on long experience within accredited testing of materials and products, including testing of metal-based cookware, we have developed a programme for testing the food safety of silicon bakeware according to the above mentioned qualities. We offer this test programme to producers as well as buyers of bakeware who want to supply the consumers with "safety data" carried out on a uniformed basis by an impartial third party.

The food safety test includes the following test procedures:

Analysis of the silicone

1) Comparison of the raw materials used with the Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung (BfR) guidelines (XV. Silicone, section III.1).
The manufacturer of the silicone bakeware provides written documentation about the raw materials.

2) Taste and smell test according to ISO 4120-1983(E) "Sensory Analysis – Methodology – Triangular Test". According to the EU Directive 89/109/EEC, Article 2, materials and articles must not transfer their constituents to foodstuff in quantities which can change the quality, taste or colour of the foodstuff

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