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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

2006 Best Merchandising Ideas: Silicone Bakeware

As a relatively new housewares category, silicone bakeware as continues to post sizable annual gains, with average annual growth rates well into the double digits since its introduction in 2000. According to many retailers, bakeware purchases also continue to be among the most researched ones, and while function has often been more important than form, consumers are increasingly interested in the look, feel and performance of silicone bakeware.

Due to the expansive availability of silicone tools and gadgets, many consumers already understand the advantages silicone provides and the added benefits and convenience that silicone bakeware brings to their kitchens.

Stock a full assortment of bakeware designs from which customers can choose. Include traditional shapes for a round layer cake, brownies, or cupcakes and muffins, to more specialized pans like the Madeleine or tart pan for the more experienced bakers amongst your clientele. Or create a display with the perfect set of bakeware for every kitchen, including baking sheets, muffin pans, and round, square and loaf pans.

The versatility of silicone bakeware offers the retailer numerous opportunities to enhance product visibility by cross-merchandising it throughout the store. Certain pans can perform double duty for both sweet and savory creations, including lasagna, casseroles and quiches. Mini-molds are perfect for two-bite appetizers.

Appeal to all the senses with an eye-catching display paired with the aroma and taste of freshly baked goods for in-store sampling. Use recipes featured on some manufacturer’s packaging or from cookbooks that you carry in your store.

Another great way to feature great baked items would be to set up a monthly bake-off between your customers using a different piece of bakeware every month. Provide special incentives for customers to purchase a particular bakeware piece and have them submit their favorite recipe using that shape.

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