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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What are the Different Types of Bakeware?

There are many different types of bakeware, all designed for a specific end result when cooking or baking. The differences in bakeware are not just limited to the design, but also include the material from which the bakeware is constructed and the surface it is given. There are several different designs that may be specific to a recipe, but most bakeware can be used for multiple purposes.

Bakeware consists of all pans and dishes that can be used in an oven. There are square and rectangular dishes of different sizes, flat pans, fluted pans, cupcake pans, loaf pans, and many other various sizes and shapes of bakeware. Some recipes call for specific pans or dishes to produce the desired result, while others can be made using your personal preference. Size and shape can affect baking times, so it is important to have a recipe that outlines the required baking time for the selected bakeware. Cake recipes are a good example of when varying baking times to a certain pan size or shape is necessary.

Bakeware is made from various materials including glass, silicone, stone, cast iron, aluminum, and steel, and each type cooks differently. Bakeware constructed of ovenproof glass for instance, heats up faster and holds heat longer than metal bakeware, so it often requires a slight reduction in baking time. Similarly, silicone bakeware may require adjustments to baking time as it does not absorb the heat, but rather transfers heat evenly through the food.

Silicone also stops cooking the minute it is removed from the heat source, eliminating further browning after being removed from the oven. Sometimes, experimenting with the various materials and types of bakeware, their performance in your oven, and the end result they produce is the only way to find your personal preference.

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