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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bakers Pride Mini muffin mould silicone 15 cup, non-stick

The Bakers Pride collection of Bakeware is renowned for it's quality.

Silicone, with it's flexibilty, non stick qualities makes it perfect for baking. Plus, with it's ability to to withstand a wide range of temperature (-40C - +220C) these pans go from the fridge to the freezer to the oven and microwave. A really practical product for those who are practically minded.

Baking Flexibility

Everywhere you look, there is a lot of emphasis on cutting the fat out of our daily diets, but who wants to cut out the fat if it means cutting out the flavor? When it comes to baking, there is a way to cut down on your fat intake without changing the ingredients in your favorite recipes. If you switch to nonstick silicone bakeware, you can cut down on your fat intake with minimal effort. Because the bakeware is nonstick, you never have to use butter, shortening, or grease on your pans or sheets to ensure easy food removal.

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